Shaq and Oreo Cookies Join in Mutual Birthday Celebration in Atlanta, Shaq on Son’s B-Ball Choice

Shaq & Oreo Team up for their birthday

Okay, here’s something worth noting. Shaquille O’Neal and Nabisco’s Oreo Cookies both share birthdays. However, as one just turned 46-years old, the other just turned 106-uears old. And they’re both America’s best choice going today.

Shaq turned up at Atlanta Station in midtown Atlanta to help launch Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars with a 1-million bar giveaway. While his association with Nabisco has been in effect for over 10-years, it’s due to his commitment to associate with brands he believes in. Think about it: who doesn’t believe in America’s favorite cookie and milk’s favorite cookie?

Shaq also ha d a chance to share his views on the “one-and-done” conversation concerning the commitment of college and university basketball players choosing to stay in school or go professional after their scholarship has expired. Always the diplomat, he spoke his mind that he actually has no thoughts but he’s not in a position to judge what a person does with his life and career. He did note that education can get you far in this world, so the players should consider this as part of the equation.

Also, Shaq as a father spoke about his son’s decision to transfer from a college in Arizona to UCLA to continue his basketball career and education. He makes it clear he’s a proud father and even prouder that his son made the right decision on the move to UCLA. Shaq’s use of the terminology “Deja-vu” parenting was something he coined due to the treatment by his father when it came to parenting. Simply, it’s about not straying far from how his father raised him. He let his son make the decision but was thankful he didn’t have to make the call to the school to influence the decision.

So, let’s all celebrate the birthdays of Shaq & Oreo, two of America’s favorite delights.

  • Joseph Walker


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