‘Girl Hold My Hand’ Atlanta Conference Promotes Unity and Strength for Attendees

To learn more visit www.girlholdmyhand.com

Consider this conference presented by Stormy Wellington as a great weekend of uplifting empowerment that’s not just women of color, but for all women. The purpose of “Girl Hold My Hand” was to bring women together from across the nation and present them with something to build their dreams on.

If you know the name Stormy Wellington, you know of her history; of how she has gone through it all and emerged victorious. This conference is her way to give back to a community that needs and deserves it. After all, everybody wants to be loved. More importantly everybody wants to be respected and needed.

The weekend attendees of “Girl Hold My Hand” were encouraged to bond and heard empowering words from such powerhouse guest speakers as : Stormy Wellington, Marvin Sapp @MARVINSAPP, Dr. Jamal Bryant @JAMALHBRYANT, Bishop Sheldon McCarter @BISHOP_SMM, Tony Gaskins and Kimberly Jones-Pothier @REALTALKKIM.

For more information, log onto www.girlholdmyhand.com.

  • Joseph Walker, III





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