Church Leaders Talk Gun Violence and Solutions

There’s enough talk and opinions about the state of mass shootings stemming from the access to guns and the violence it brings about. However, ever notice there’s no word from the churches and religious leaders? Granted, there’s a new movement that are bringing these same children and students that are most likely to be the victims, abut are now turning into activists to call for an end to the senseless killings affecting the nation. Still there’s no interaction from our very institutions that we look for in times like these. Black or white, the voices are not coming from our religious leaders.

Recently, we posed the question about how the church views the gun violence in our nation today and what they feel can solve the issue. During the interviews with Pastor Jamal H. Bryant @JAMALBRYANT, Bishop Sheldon McCarter @BISHOP_SMM and Marvin Sapp @MARVINSAPP, their opinions ranged from being on the frontline to enabling stricter background checks, to standing up to address the issues.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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