Moisture Magic is African Pride New Product Confirming Superiority at World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta

African Pride is a product you grew up with if you’re an African American or knew an African American family. It’s just one of those hair care products that can be overlooked because it was such an icon to a lot of patrons. However, the start was somewhere and in order to become a leader in your field, there had to be a unique and winning solution to the formula that got it from there to here. At the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta, we spoke with Kendria Strong @DRIAPIE and Shamarla Jones @GIRLMARLA, who introduced their new hair care product line known as Moisture Magic.

Those who have already been using the African Pride products will know the adult and kids products contain such natural products as Shea butter, jojoba oil, buttery crème, olive oil. This time out, the Moisture Magic products will contain even more natural products such as chocolate, honey and coconut oil. Although sounds good enough to eat, the commitment to excellence for the natural care of one’s hair dictates only external use only. After all, the slogan is “Shine You Can Feel.”

Accordingly, the new product line is customized, and created for the kinky and bouncy-curls girl in mind. Each product contains ingredients to meet a specific need for the woman who uses it. And as always, you can find Moisture Magic now everywhere, including Dollar General and Walmart.

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– Joseph Walker, III

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