National Record Store Day Brings Out Killer Mike and Fans to DBS Sounds Store in Riverdale

Killer Mike Addresses The NRA

If you can remember the days when fellowship was sharing like-minded and appreciation for music on vinyl, then you should take a moment out of your calendar to recognize National Record Store Day. It’s not a joke because records aren’t making a comeback, they continue to survive thanks to DSB Record Store owner and aficionado Tobago @DBSSOUNDATL. Not only did some new and old acts appear to perform at the store, but it was a house party when die-hard fans showed up for support. Truly a packed house and it was further enhanced by the appearance of renowned activist and rapper Killer Mike @KILLMIKE.

Although he didn’t perform, he showed appreciation to his fans and Tobago by signing his “Run The Jewels” CD box set. During the appearance, he got a chance to talk about some things that got him from there to here. He recognized the fact that DBS Sounds record store has been around for 24-years and stated music artists should be about reciprocity. Recognize and give back to what made you in the industry. On that cue, he conveyed how Tobago was the first to carry his “Pledge” mix tape, and to this day Tobago remains a friend and mentor.

The Adamsville-GA native stated he was an activist before he was a rapper. Always was and always will be since he was 15-years old. It was those early days he was an organize and the lessons learned from those days continue to serve him in his agenda today.

“The better you organize the better you are for it “

Killer Mike is a staunch advocate for the ownership of firearms for African Americans. So much so that he believes African Americans should take the 2nd amendment rights seriously. He also relayed some surprises coming soon that involve many media platforms, so keep Killer Mike on your favorites list, and support your local record store.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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