Young Dolph New Music Release ‘Slave Owner’ Continues Protest Against Record Company Ownership

Young Dolph Talks Slave Owner & Dismisses Kanye West Comments

 “I have my own everything.”

When given the illusion that you own it all, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking you have the power when you actually do not. “Dolph Unsigned Slave Owner,” with 1,368,641 video views as of May 3, is making this point with his new, controversial and wildly popular music release.

Young Dolph @YOUNGDOLPH performed at the Tabernacle nightclub recently when we caught up with him and the supporting cast of this “Django Unchained” movie-inspired performance. The song subject content is controversial on many levels: does it play as a minstrel show or political statement? However, Young Dolph manages to make his own level of expression to spotlight how – after all these years – the music industry continues to lock in artists and performers into agreements detrimental to their freedom and finance. It’s the same point Prince made about being a slave to the corporate machine that takes from the artist without fair equity. However, with “Slave Owner,” Young Dolph joins the ranks of artists such as Nina Simone, Prince, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Miles Davis, and Tupac to name a few. Even Kanye West enters the discussion recently with his views on slavery. Unfortunately, in West’s case, we still don’t know if this is a history lesson or social moment in time.

The Tabernacle was jumping the night Young Dolph performed. He managed to recreate the video onstage with the help of Mr Amazin @ITS_MRAMAZIN who’s character is Samuel Jackson’s  Django-based “Stephen” and Brian Guest @BRIANBRISKY who portrayed the generic yet symbolic slave owner/record label producer. It was truly an event that some unsigned rappers and artists with vision and purpose aren’t able to convey. Not in Young Dolph’s case. He has a point and a purpose and he’s making it today and now.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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