First Annual State of Hip-Hop Conference Addresses Key Issues In The Industry

Influencers share their perspective of the current state of Hip Hop

In what promises to be the first of its kind to address key issues within the Hip-Hop community and industry, the 1st annual State of Hip-Hop Conference was held recently in Atlanta and was off to a great start in bringing together key and pedestrian participants. Even if you were not connected to the industry, you attended as a part of the world that influences the universe we live in and could benefit from the input and output.

Issues and topics addressed were the state of Hip-Hop, women’s voices in music and more. This summit was the brainchild of Wayne Hardnett, Jr., better known by his stage name Bone Crusher @PLANETCRUSHER. It was his founding and organizing of the event that brought out DJ’s, industry heavyweights and influencers because they shared the same interests and concerns for what is happening now, and what is to become in the future. All can agree Hip-Hop is not just a music, it’s a lifestyle.

That being said, it worth noting the solidarity in thinking, beliefs and support was all about love according to Bone Crusher. Just by the attendance present gave verification of an important event. You had access to Frank Ski @FRANKSKI, Big Tigger @BIGTIGGERSHOW, Debra Antney @BEBRA4MIZAY, Silver Knight @DJSILVERKNIGHT, International Nova @INTERNATIONALNOVA, Lady Jae @NYLADYJAE, DJ Waffles @DJ_WAFFLES, Chosen @CHOSENLYRICS1, Greg Moore @SPORTSBIZLAWYER, Scott King @REALSCOTTKING, and a host of other individuals.

The conference also touched on subjects of being signed or staying independent as an artist. According to Bone Crusher, the event was purposely designed, “To bring together participants in one room to discuss doing ethical business with each other; about love and how we can get it and to get answers to the real questions that we have.

Due to the success of this first annual event, plans are already underway for the next conference. This time will be all about women. Stay tuned.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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