Actor Isaiah Washington Reflects On Career, Black Panther Movie And Gives Advice To Aspiring Actors

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The acting phenomenon known as Isaiah Washington @THE REALISAIAHWASHINGTON is an African-American treasure who was in Atlanta recently as an honoree for the first Impact Magazine celebration for men of color who have contributed and uplifted the African-American community. The Houston-born native, a graduate of Howard University has been in the industry since 1991, both on the big and small screen, portraying some iconic and memorable characters in vehicles including several Spike Lee films: Strictly Business,” “Law and Order,” “Crooklyn,” “NYPD Blue,” “Dead Presidents,” “Love Jones,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The 100,” and “Survivor’s Remorse,” among others.

Appearing in over 76 productions, he’s got a unique and wry outlook on the industry, and has a lot to share with anyone within earshot. An acting major at Howard University, he tells about being exposed to the “Paper Bag Test,” which altered how he views life in general, but also shaped his politics. Isaiah pointedly will tell you his work is his politics. This leads one to rightfully believe acting is his platform to make a statement about the issues and injustices in society.

As for the Black Panther movie, he lights up when he says he can’t say enough about the success of the movie as a whole and you realize he’s very proud of the production. Isaiah’s advice for aspiring actors makes one realize how much has changed from the time he got into living his craft, He says there’s more access due to social media and one needs to adapt and take advantage of what’s out there. This helps shape what needs to be done.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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