Jeff Johnson Lives Up To His New Role As Man Of Impact And Host Of ‘Man Cave’

Jeff Johnson talks Kanye, President Trump, Drake & Pusha T & Women

“Other people define my impact”

In case you missed it, Jeff Johnson @JEFFSNATION is now on BET’s newest Thursday late-night talk show called “Man Cave.” This is just the latest in a long line of high-profile programs that make impacts whenever he’s involved. Which could also explain why Impact Magazine honored him this year at their 1st annual dinner celebrating African Americans who have contributed to the community.

The highly regarded and much lauded communications specialist and journalist shares co-producing duties with Steve Harvey, making “Man Cave” a quality entertainment and information program that tackles things guys talk about on an everyday basis. Above all else, the U.K.-born, Cleveland, Ohio raised gentleman has pinpointed opinions of his own.

On women’s voices in the industry, he believes they have always been there but because of the male dominance women have not been given the recognition for what’s rightfully theirs. Men need to step up and become allies rather than adversaries

Kanye West as a genius, Jeff says he’s a complex cat but he’s not happy with Trump alliance. There are too many other things to deal with that are important, however if he ain’t contributing, then “bye.”

About the Drake-Pusha T beef, he says we needed the drama they bring and right now it’s entertaining. On Meek Mill, he’s glad he’s out of prison.

And President Trump? The job he’s done so far isn’t enough and most of the time he’s a distraction. His administration is dangerous and this is a non-productive congress.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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