‘Safe Harbor’ Red Carpet Premier Comes to Morrow Center in Atlanta

Sometimes the trendiest news is not fun but can be timely, informative and crucial at the same time. Such is the subject of human trafficking. Without citing statistics, you must know that in Atlanta alone, it is a huge problem concerning missing people – especially child abduction – and is especially discerning around major events time such as the Super Bowl.

On December 14th from 7pm to 10pm at the Morrow Center, “Safe Harbor” film red carpet premier will be screened to help bring awareness to this crisis.

Brainchild project of its creator Charles Mcintosh, the subject matter actually stemmed from a female martial arts film project suggested by Eddie Berrain that didn’t get off the ground. Through GilMac Entertainment in collaboration and help of business partners JC Sullivan and Kenny Gilmore, the three gentlemen brought this timely pilot to production in order to make this the film you will actually see. To guarantee the film’s success, Grand Master Eddie Berrain was brought in as a production partner. There had been many trials and tribulations to overcome over the years it took to make the film. However, the faith in the subject matter, along with each individual’s commitment and labor, “Safe Harbor” was destined to be part of history.

Charles Mcintosh is one of those rare people who throws himself into a project and garners the energy and interest needed to make a production happen. He is savvy enough to know they can’t be done alone, so putting the right people in place is part of his strategy. While he will convey his past credits have included creation of “That’s Whazzup” show in Virginia, before moving to Atlanta, he has been on the circuit in his new-found home. Creating a new series in Atlanta called “Riaky Southern Law,” he initially wanted to act but thought it was too late by the time he decided to dive in. However, this just made the decision to pave his own road, hence involvement in “Safe Harbor” among other projects.

The non-profit involved includes the Reconciliation Movement, and editing by Darnell Logans.

#not4sale #notinourcity.

Tickets for the December 14th premier in Clayton County at the Morrow Center is https://www.evensi.us/safe-harbor-movie-morrow-center/277546919?fbclid=IwAR0KqoI8rNFq2WS8yEi2rGzUGLce4A_p08U62u8IZ7zkO2Jt6BjIEDyeKdM

See you at the Red Carpet premier.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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