CES 2019: One Bag Tag Is 21st Century Travel Solution

The solution to checking in your luggage

If you travel a little or a lot, you’re always subject to the hassle of checking your luggage. Now, with new One Bag Tag there is a FAA & TSA approved, permanent baggage-tag device that will solve a major problem.

Eli Ostreicher, inventor of the One Bag Tag, wants you to know this is a global solution to eliminate waiting in lines, stop losing bags and no more overweight bag fees when you fly. The device is permanently attached to your suitcase and becomes a weight scale, offers conveyor belt beep alerts, replaces airline paper tags and also offers indoor/outdoor worldwide tracking. This means through a downloadable app, you’ll never lose your bag again.

The One Bag Tag has innovative features included.

* Anti-Theft Proximity Alarm that emits a loud alarm when the bag suddenly leaves your vicinity, and will give that thief the shock they deserve;

* Scannable Contact Info by every smartphone’s default camera, and displays your contact information when lost & found;

* USB-C Rapid Charging, which boasts the fastest speed in industry for battery charge time.

The One Bag Tag is the device to have if you do a little or a lot of traveling if only for peace of mind. If you got this, you got it all.



– Joseph Walker, III

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