CES 2019: Your Next Smartphone Will Be FlexPai, the Flexible Solution by Royole

The World's First Smart Phone That Turns Into A Tablet

Since the world is moving into the future, your smartphone will be traveling along with you. With that being said, say hello to FlexPai, the first flexible, bendable phone that turns into a tablet. But why and how is this possible when there are so many other offerings on the market? The answer is simple. Our lifestyles are calling for the next innovation in phone technology and a new start-up company Royole is the first to put it out there.

Royole creates and manufactures next-generation human-machine interface technologies that improve the way people interact with and perceive their world. Royole’s Flexible+ solutions are focused on the following vertical

Flexible displays offer many advantages over conventional display technology including: ultra-thin, light weight, bendable, portable, shatter-proof, unbreakable and low energy. Royole’s flexible displays will profoundly affect next generation electronics, by enabling brand new form factors and applications.

Company spokesperson Florent Meng says their newest offering FlexPai features a large screen tablet that becomes a smart phone when you fold it. It folds down to 5.5 inch size that you can put into your pocket, when open becomes 7.8 in tablet. Besides being a bendable and twistable unit, it offers a 2k resolution screen, with no glass on top of screen so it’s not easily broken. It is expandable to 256 gigabytes and 2-sim card ports.

As innovative and creative as the FlexPai smartphone is, this is just the beginning from Royole. They also have pioneered other lifestyle changing technology:

RoWrite Smart Writing Pad – RoWrite brings the traditional notepad into the digital age.

Royole Moon – 3D Mobile Theater – Watch your favorite online streaming services, YouTube videos, movies, or connect to a game console to play your latest video game.

Go over to www.royole.conm to get more information.

– Joseph Walker, III

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