CES 2019: VOLO Go Cordless Blow Dryer Coolest Device to Benefit Environment

The Hair Dryer You Can Take On The Go

The beauty industry rarely gets the attention when it comes to improving the environment. This may change with the new Go Hair Dryer from VOLO Beauty. It’s is absolutely the world’s first cordless tool that is designed to enhance your lifestyle while being beneficial by saving you money on electric bills.

But first, what is this hair dryer? Besides being the first infrared hair dryer, it is strictly battery-operated. According to VOLO Beauty founders Jonathan Friedman and Ryan Goldman, their concept of conventional hair dryers has been to rethink and redesign the heating element for a better method of drying hair. It’s all about quartz versus convection technology. The Go hair dryer uses quartz that operates by using radiant heat like that of the sun, whereas convection is what’s in a normal dryer like a toaster oven. Therefor the GO dryer dries at a lower temperature so it’s not baking hair, resulting in hair that feels smooth, with no frizz or flyaway.

When looking at energy consumption in households, hair dryers are among the top energy consumers. VOLO Cordless hair dryer consumes about 1/3 of the electricity as a corded hair dryer due to our novel heating element which uses infrared radiant heat instead of the convection heat of traditional hair dryers. Also, the VOLO Go weighs a little more than 2 pounds, including the battery pack. To put that in perspective, that’s half of the average Chihuahua.

So, check out the new Go hair dryer from VOLO Beauty. You’ll be doing your hair and the environment a big favor. Because “Cordless. It’s about time.”


– Joseph Walker, III

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