CES 2019: Protect Your Ears in Style with Loop, 21st Century Earplugs


It comes in many forms and fashion. It’s one of the unique senses we can take for granted but it’s no too late to pamper your ears and save your hearing with 21st century technology.

Loop earplugs is that technology that can be used for nightlife, music, conversation and noise. They’re trendy, comfortable and will give you the best sound experience of any earplugs today. They are specifically designed for people who go to concerts, festivals, clubbing so you can enjoy the experience of the music. It also allows you to have a conversation with someone without adjusting the plugs. All this without having hearing loss at the end of the night, so there’s more fun, less tinnitus.

Dimitri O, co-founder of Loop, explains that 1.1 billion people risk hearing damage. Loop combines a round acoustic channel that replicates the resonance of your ear with a 20-decibel filter for great sound and protection. The design is simple so that once they’re inserted in your ear, they stay where they need to be. Loop protects your hearing in style, making ringing ears a thing of the past.

Because each ear is unique, Loop comes with memory foam and soft silicon ear tips. The round shape makes sure they stay put all night. Anyone from 15 – 55 years old can enjoy these. So, protect your ears and enjoy the music with Loop earplugs; hearing protection designed for concerts, clubbing, events and musicians.


@ loopearplugs

– Joseph Walker, III

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