CES 2019: j5create Premiers New Technology For 21st Century Connectivity

Mobility is key these days for everybody and our technology is leading our way. It’s hard not to be connected through our devices when it becomes as integral as breathing. j5create is a company based in Kennesaw, GA and they have introduced three new devices that are sure to not only keep our lives mobile, but will become necessary to our functionality.

For those who livestream, or want to be a part of this ever growing activity, there’s the JVA02. It allows streaming from your smartphone and DSLR through a capture card. This allows you to broadcast a crisp and clear signal for video output while you’re on the go or stationary. It also has a power pass-thru charging device.

According to company spokesman Jared Schwartz, j5create has quality products for any and everybody, no matter the level of tech-savvy they are.

 For gaming with live streaming, the JVA04 device allows looping the broadcast back into your display. It actually broadcasts the signal from gaming console out to all your media channels.

j5create has also come up with a Dual Wireless Charger. It can charge 2 devices simultaneously and works on anything that needs charging. That means if you have an Android, and somebody has an IOS, you can both charge at the same time with 1 device.

j5create has many other devices you could find useful because they are a computer peripheral company dedicated to providing high-quality products in unique and professional designs. They use the latest technology to create products that provide a more pleasant computer experience. The product line features our unique wormhole technology that allows you to transfer files between PC and Mac. The company also offers connectivity and networking solutions with wireless internet and Ethernet adapters. j5create’s specially designed docking stations turn any PC or Mac into a full-size workstation. The docking stations provide multiple additional ports, including an extra display port and easy file transfer to connected devices. j5create’s Android accessories give you more freedom with your Android device. There’s a wide range of type-C cables so you can get the most out of your computer. Need an additional display? j5create’s line of external display adapters gives you the ability to add HDMI, DVI or VGA displays without the hassle of installing complex hardware. 

They also offer top-notch customer service based in the United States as they stand behind all their products. So, if you’re tech savvy or not, they have the right device for you.


– Joseph Walker, III

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