‘What Men Want’ Is Movie with Old Take From Taraji P. Henson and Will Packer

By now you know “What Men Want” has been released and doing great box office numbers. Considering this is a new slant on an old idea from “What Women Want,” there’s still much to be said about this movie, and Taraji P. Henson and Will Packer want to tell you about it.

Taraji P. Henson stars in this rollicking comedy about a woman who becomes able to read men’s minds, so you can imagine the scenarios that play out. However, overall her take on the premise of this were to happen is refreshing. She has some advice to men about treating women right – literally.

Accordingly she believes a man can, “Learn by experience or by doing. It’s a conscious decision to do right because we need each other. We’re in this together since God made us for a reason.”

With this film, she was adamant not to make this a “male-bashing” film, so the message is in the humor. What A Man Wants also embraces the single fathers, something that isn’t portrayed in many films.

As for Will Packer’s take on the subject matter, “It’s simple. Women don’t need game from me, they know.

It seems Will has an affinity for shooting in Atlanta and his reason is directed by his craft. He shoots in ATL whenever he can and calls ATL his home. As for Taraji, she told us she has become newly vegan, but I’ll let her tell you her favorite Atlanta restaurant.

Go check out “What Men Want” in theaters now. You will laugh, cry and just have a good time. In theaters now.

– Joseph Walker, III

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