Scoop Jackson of ESPN Debates ‘Space Jam’ Vs. ‘Uncle Drew’ Movie.

Is he right on Jordan & Bugs Bunny

It wasn’t long ago that professional athletes either starred in or headlined a movie. I’m referring to the 20th century transcending to the 21st century. Recently, we spoke to ESPN’s Robert “Scoop Jackson about his cameo in “Uncle Drew.”

It’s a fine line between sports and Hollywood, but you can consider both to be entertainment. There’s been a handful of professional basketball players that have or even can transcend and straddle both areas and still appeal to the masses. Ray Allen in “He Got Game” (1998), LeBron James in Trainwreck (2015), even though LeBron has also been in HBO’s Entourage,” and Kareem Abdul- Jabbar for “Airplane!” (1980). Then there’s the legendary Michael Jordan who – as usual – set the bar higher with “Space Jam” (1996). He’ll forever be remembered as the only professional ball player to be in a major motion picture with the legendary Bugs Bunny. Still, let’s not forget Shaquille O’Neal in “Kazaam,” also in 1996. What makes Shaq stand out this time is he now has a second movie in 2018 called “Uncle Drew.”

As for Scoop Jackson, he was humbled by the experience of being in this film and says he’s, “Blessed but also grateful.” Robert became “Scoop” at birth. He was born the day after President Kennedy’s assassination and was given the nickname by his father, the only African-American newspaper reporter in Chicago at that time.

– Joseph Walker, III

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