J. Prince Adds Author with New Book ‘The Art of Science’ As Proof of What Works

J. Prince Talks about The Art & Science of Respect

Call James Prince many things: record mogul, boxing manager, mentor, and philanthropist. Now add author to the mix. The man better known as J. Prince has written his first book entitled, “The Art & Science of Respect,” which has sparked interest in how he became one of society’s 21st century influencers.

You’d be more familiar with the public accomplishments such as CEO of Houston-based Rap-a-Lot Records, and boxing manager to the sport’s top talents, such as Andre Ward and previously Floyd Mayweather Jr. However, out of the spotlight, he has a non-profit organization and owns a boxing facility. He has spoken to the youth of Houston about AIDS awareness and just believes in giving back to the community, even if it’s in Texas. In the broader scheme of things, he has the world in his sight, and this seems to be only the start.

J. Prince states the transition from the streets to corporate America has saved him from what could have happened to what has happened. Pertaining to the non-profit, his life goes beyond Houston and gives wherever the spirit leads him to give, and this is the basic foundation he views life from. In other words, this self-made man has accomplished a lot and believes the only way to be successful is to give back when necessary.

“Not enough to have dreams, you have a plan with your dreams.”

Being humble is part of the equation. It’s the acknowledgement and recognition of what got J. Prince here that further solidifies his philosophy, and accordingly he says it started with family, particularly his mother.

“My mother is my hero, because she was first to love me unconditionally. Everything I did was inspired by her.”

These are poignant words but it’s also inspired his drive towards success. He continues to follow a path and believes he hasn’t seen it all. But he looks forward to what the world has to still offer. Including a bucket list, that includes a 10-episode series or movie about his life. With “The Art & Science of Respect,” leading by example is his creed. He definitely showed he is a leader and the book is the example.

– Joseph Walker, III

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