‘The Truth About Men’ By Author Devon Franklin Unlocks The Mystery.

Devon Franklin & Meagan Good Talk About Marriage & "The Truth About Men"

Devon Franklin, best-selling author, renowned preacher, producer and motivational speaker has a new book out titled “The Truth About Men.” Before you brush off this subject because you know it all, please know that this latest contribution to help men cope in a time of the #MeToo movement and life in general.

At a recent public round-table book event, Devon explains the book is more a manual on how men can learn to love because women already know. With topics about dating, marriage, it speaks to what women find attractive by all viewpoints from a man. He emphasizes what makes a man is really not quantity but always quality.

Some women aren’t going to go with you, you just need the right one.”

He goes on to say, “As men we don’t always know how to love, we’re not taught how to love.” And in a world that is increasingly built on social media, Devon lets you know it’s important to manage social media or it will master you.

With other published works like the best-seller book “The Wait, which he co-wrote with his wife Meagan Good, he is faith-based in lifestyle which guides him in his career as a film producer. He’s best known for films like “Miracles from Heaven,” and “Heaven is for Real,” both of which has earned him titles such as Beliefnet’sMost Influential Christians Under 40,” Variety Magazine’sTop 10 Producers to Watch,” and Ebony Magazine has named him one of the “Top 100 Influential African-Americans in America.”

The Truth About Men” is a book that has a specific message for men: You have to learn how to love. The message is love and love is the solution.

   – Joseph Walker, III

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