New Birth Church Helps Release Non-Violent Felons In Time For Easter

Jamal Bryant & Scrapp Deleon Partner To Reunite Non Violent Offenders With Their Families For Easter

In the world of Christianity, this time of the year honors the ritual of Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Redemption Sunday. Dr. Jamal Bryant, senior pastor of the Atlanta based New Birth Missionary Baptist Church went to extraordinary lengths to put his congregation and tenants to the test of humanity. They initiated a bailout program that proves Christianity does make a difference to humanity.

For those who don’t know, or perhaps forgot, “Holy Saturday is the time Jesus descended into hell and got the keys.” Those keys enabled New Birth Church to raise $120,000 to give 23 non-violent and first time offenders time to spend with their friends and families for the holiday.

To bring that meaning into reality, Dr. Bryant enlisted the help of many people committed to coordinate the program, including VH1 personality Scrapp Deleon, rapper T.I. and attorney Evon Davis as a facilitator.

At the bailout celebration, those lucky 23 people were treated for a day of unification, dedication and declaration, along with pampering. It was a chance to upgrade or tighten up your self-image improvement as well as hair care, hair braiding & haircuts. The joy coming from their hearts were enhanced by the joy of sharing this experience and stated what that experience meant to them. They all conveyed this second chance was a blessing.

All you need is faith from a mustard seed.”

So if you don’t believe the church does good for the community, come to New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in DeKalb County, GA. They will make you a believer.

– Joseph Walker, III

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