‘Amazing Grace’ Concert Movie Stars Aretha Franklin at Her Very Best

Amazing Grace Hits Theaters & Gets Positive Reviews

“Amazing Grace” is a new movie starring Aretha Franklin, chronicling a 1972 concert. Since its release last month,  it has proven to be one of the more powerfully anticipated concert documentaries released to date.

The film, produced by Byron Cage @ByronCage, Tirrell Whittley @TirrellWhittley, and Vaughn Franklin is historic on a couple levels. First, it was filmed in 1972, a time when the technology was not good enough to be edited as a cohesive piece. Secondly, the fact that this was performed in at a church in South Los Angeles in 1972. That particular year, Aretha had 11 #1 hits, making her the Beyoncé of her time. The concert was notably a musically electrifying performance, an experience that brought her and all within earshot back to gospel roots.

Although it’s basically a documentary but who says documentaries can’t be fun? Accordingly, those involved or who saw the film state it’s an unbelievable and fulfilling performance because we see Aretha at her very best.

Byron Cage says, “Musically people get a chance to see her doing what she loved. You’ll be crying shouting tearing up the theater.”

Darlene McCoy @DarleneMcCoy adds, “As we continue to honor her legacy, we should all take away her authenticity. Aretha drew all kinds of people from all kinds of genres. Her voice says we must let the light of Christ shine through our gifts and all we do. Be exactly who you are.”

T.C.Carson @OfficialTCCarson elaborates, “I want to see Aretha being Aretha. These are her roots. As artists we’re always trying to connect to that ‘thing.’ With this film we’ll see her do that.”

Amazing Grace starring Aretha Franklin, is in theaters now. And as requested:

Remember the woman.

– Joseph Walker, III

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