Shaq Selling Suits Significantly Sends Serious Signals

Shaquille O'Neal & JC Penney are looking for models for his clothing line

Shaquille O’Neal @Shaq wears many hats since he retired from his professional NBA career. Even though it started during that time, he has become a force in many careers including sheriff’s deputy in Georgia, sports analyzer and announcer, advertising pitchman, movie star, rapper, MMA & wrestling contender, businessman, investor, minority owner of the Sacramento Kings, and even earned an education doctorate. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise when in 2018 he decided to open a men’s clothing line, featuring suits and accessories for the tall and big sized market. Which makes sense.

That’s right. Those suits you see Shaq swaggering in on ESPN or out-and-about in public are now available through a partnership with JCPenney department stores. Just before you chalk it off as “another clothing line for hard-to-fit men,” pay attention to the stats like you would the score of an NBA team. These are quality suits because Shaq knows suits. After all, he’s had some experience with tall and big-men’s clothes.

Like a baby, or a rookie, the idea took some time to become available, and much attention to detail and quality needed to be made in order to set his fashions apart from all the others. It took about a year to get it all together and April of 2019, Shaq started appearing in ads for JCPenney to promote the line. Being a man of the people and accessible to the public, he personally took to in-store appearances to bolster interest and publicity. Hitting cities like Atlanta and New York, this is actually something that was needed. Customers want to have an association with the brand, especially when a big-name is connected. To further bolster success, Shaq’s in-store appearances also meant promotional suit giveaways to those who appeared at the store. Throughout major American cities, he’ll continue to appear in ads and social media spots through Father’s Day to promote the partnership, the company announced.

JCPenney is partnering with Shaq to develop an all-new Big & Tall brand, Shaquille O’Neal XLG,” the retailer said. “Launching in select stores and online at this fall, this exclusive brand will include men’s apparel and furnishings. With modern fits combined with classic fabrics, Shaquille O’Neal XLG will feature a versatile collection for the Big & Tall customer that effortlessly transitions from day to night. Each garment will also be infused with performance features such as cooling fabrics and stretch components to ensure ultimate comfort.”

Believe it or not, the in-store promotions are to feature tall & big men and the search is on for those who want to be part of the campaign. Go to for more information.

So, make your way to the nearest JCPenney store to get fitted for a suit from Shaq’s new line. No pun intended but, “you’ll be a cut above.”

– Joseph Walker, III

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