New Novel ‘Not Mine to Keep’ Is Sexy Novel For The Times We Live In

Author Shawn-Taye talks about erotic book Not Mine To Keep

Eroticism. Shawn-Taye. Two names you need to get to know because this new novel will keep you glued as a page-turner to read. 

It’s so simple these days to live life on the Internet through social media. However, serious readers often take to a more tried-and-true avenues of mental stimulation such as books. Even if you’re not in this category of serious reader, the investment of time and effort will be greatly rewarded with Shawn-Taye’s new novel “Not Mine to Keep.”

Not necessarily new to the literary world or perhaps to many readers unfamiliar with the name Shawn-Taye @Erotic_Mindz, this single mother of 3 young men has been writing as a passion since the age of 8. With this kind of commitment to her craft, her first contributions to the literary world as an author was in 2011, when she published her first book of erotic short stories entitled “Erotic Mindz presents Mind Sex: Freaky and Fresh the Ultimate Collection.” As with many who don’t have the luck or luxury of winding up on Oprah’s book club, Shawn-Taye was adventurous and determined to get her work out there, so the first works were self-published through Arait Justice Books.

“Not Mine to Keep” briefly is a novel filled with twists and turns that also happens to be an erotic tale of love, lust and life. A man at a rocky point in his marriage goes other places to fulfill his needs with someone else, and it centers on a one-night event that completely changes his life. For better or worse you ask? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

In this world where there’s little time to invest in oneself to gain soulful pleasures, this novel will fill that void. Take the chance. You won’t be disappointed.

- Joseph Walker, III
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