Harriet: Be Free or Die Is History We Need To Know

A private screening for the film Harriet was sponsored by One Stop Taxes for Atlanta movie goers to have a discussion about this American hero

The actual movie experience has been lackluster these days, what with competing sources such as streaming (Netflix, Hulu) and on demand. And does anyone still do DVD’s? These alternatives always seem to show the same type of content from comic book-based genre to horror to blockbuster action flicks. So, when a movie like “Harriet: Be Free or Die” comes out, it warrants you make the effort to take a trip to the actual movie theater.

If not for the historical subject matter, this is African-American history that we either have forgotten, overlooked or not deemed of value. This is so far from the truth, it’s a crime. The subject matter that chronicles part of how we got here from there is important – and at times entertaining – is so very important, that we must support the efforts for an industry that doesn’t feel it’s worthy.

The film, directed by Kasi Lemmoms (“Eve’s Bayou,” “Black Nativity”), delves deeper into how Harriet became the beacon of hope and symbol for a freed culture. Tracing her roots that led her to create the Underground Railroad is a feat in itself, but with the passion of a storyteller, Ms. Lemmons has stepped up to the task.

Atlanta hosted the Red Carpet opening for the film. Sponsored by ONE STOP Taxes, the event managed to bring out several Atlanta natives and celebrities. Accordingly, afterwards they seemed to feel empowered, inspired and motivated by the film. Mowbray Rowand, CEO of ONE STOP TAXES @Mowbrayrowand and his wife Cherina Rowand @Cherinarowandofficial were the hosts and professed about their involvement in the film and being sponsors of the event.

With quality films such as “Harriet: Be Free or Die” opening today November 1st, there is still hope that families can return to actual movies and have something to relate to. Check the listings for show times.

– Joseph Walker, III

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