Cherrelle Co-Hosts 2019 Soul Train Music Award and Shares Some Life Stories

R&B singer Cherrelle talks about industry woes & shares thoughts on Soul Train Awards

Music artists who are known by one name usually are icons, legends or pillars in the industry to their fans. Cherrelle is one of those long-lasting professionals that has seen and done much to make music history for her fans. Fact is, she hasn’t stopped.

Being seen and not heard is an old saying but in the entertainment industry, there comes a time when even the most popular have to take a break. When they do appear, it’s deemed a comeback. However, there’s another saying that goes, “Don’t call it a comeback because I been here for years, rocking my peers.” This, again, is Cherrelle.

To honor this wonderful woman who has literally made the music industry more than a career, she was honored in November to co-host the 2019 Soul Train Music Awards with Alexander O’Neal. Although she has long been associated with O’Neal, Cherrelle is a woman unto herself, proof that being a duo isn’t everything. She has had as many hits as the man, and the industry appreciates and awards her for that. Matter of fact, there’s new material coming soon with the old gang that includes (on some point) Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Outside the music industry, Cherrelle is proving to be a savvy business woman in the real world, and you can look forward to a clothing, lingerie and perfume line.

In this interview she shares some of her experiences about her life in the business both as a performer and fan. The spiritually-centered and wickedly humorous Cherrelle knows what she wants and goes after it with the zest of someone with a purpose, so it’s no doubt a reason why she will always be on the music scene for years and eons to come.

– Joseph Walker, III

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