Mr. ‘Woo-Woo-Woo’ Jeffrey Osborne Entertains and Opens Up About Career, Golf, Solo Career

Jeffrey Osborne Talks Struggles, Thanks Fans, & Talks Golf

It seems Jeffrey Osborne has been around for a long time. As a matter of fact, the longevity of his music career is enhanced by the fact everybody can name at least one song due to his indistinguishably, melodic voice. It just lends richness to whatever song he sings.

The Providence, RI-native was part of the Black Friday Mega Concert in Atlanta when TBE Media got a chance to have a conversation with him. Long are the days with his former group LTD and their first hit. However throughout the decades he has been consistent with more hits that are too numerous to list here. He also talked about hanging out with other icons of Black music during the Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Classic Golf Tournament every year. Perhaps he has learned how to be diplomatic because he wouldn’t say which singer was the best golf player.

To this day, Jeffrey has decided to continue giving his fans what they want even if he’s not recording new music. Yet, the classics still resonate with the masses, so he’ll forever be in our hearts and soul.

– Joseph Walker, III

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