Harriet: Be Free or Die Is History We Need To Know

The actual movie experience has been lackluster these days, what with competing sources such as streaming (Netflix, Hulu) and on demand. And does anyone still do DVD’s? These alternatives always seem to show the same type of content from comic book-based genre to horror to blockbuster action flicks. So, when a movie like “Harriet: Be Free or Die” comes out, …

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‘Amazing Grace’ Concert Movie Stars Aretha Franklin at Her Very Best

“Amazing Grace” is a new movie starring Aretha Franklin, chronicling a 1972 concert. Since its release last month,  it has proven to be one of the more powerfully anticipated concert documentaries released to date. The film, produced by Byron Cage @ByronCage, Tirrell Whittley @TirrellWhittley, and Vaughn Franklin is historic on a couple levels. First, it was filmed in 1972, a …

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Scoop Jackson of ESPN Debates ‘Space Jam’ Vs. ‘Uncle Drew’ Movie.

It wasn’t long ago that professional athletes either starred in or headlined a movie. I’m referring to the 20th century transcending to the 21st century. Recently, we spoke to ESPN’s Robert “Scoop Jackson about his cameo in “Uncle Drew.” It’s a fine line between sports and Hollywood, but you can consider both to be entertainment. There’s been a handful of …

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Actor Isaiah Washington Reflects On Career, Black Panther Movie And Gives Advice To Aspiring Actors

The acting phenomenon known as Isaiah Washington @THE REALISAIAHWASHINGTON is an African-American treasure who was in Atlanta recently as an honoree for the first Impact Magazine celebration for men of color who have contributed and uplifted the African-American community. The Houston-born native, a graduate of Howard University has been in the industry since 1991, both on the big and small …

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Impact Magazine’s Women Celebrates Men At Honorary Dinner in Atlanta

Recently, Impact Magazine @IMPACTMAGAZINE hosted the 1st dinner celebrating a special selection of men who were the epitome of what men of color represented. It was the women of Impact Magazine’s way of showing appreciation of an image that has surely been under-represented. It was more than just a social event as far as dinners go. It was actually a …

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Chris Tucker and John Hope Bryant Lighten Up the ‘Hope Global Forum’

“The opposite of positive relationship capital is if you hang around nine broke people, you’ll be the tenth. If you hang around nine engineers, you’ll be the tenth.” Comedian and entrepreneur Chris Tucker has a handle on finances. John Hope Bryant @JOHNHOPEBRYANT can hold his own comedically. It’s an odd juxtaposition considering they are good friends, so maybe it’s through …

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