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New Novel ‘Not Mine to Keep’ Is Sexy Novel For The Times We Live In

Eroticism. Shawn-Taye. Two names you need to get to know because this new novel will keep you glued as a page-turner to read. It’s so simple these days to live life on the Internet through social media. However, serious readers often take to a more tried-and-true avenues of mental stimulation such as books. Even if you’re not in this category …

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‘The Truth About Men’ By Author Devon Franklin Unlocks The Mystery.

Devon Franklin, best-selling author, renowned preacher, producer and motivational speaker has a new book out titled “The Truth About Men.” Before you brush off this subject because you know it all, please know that this latest contribution to help men cope in a time of the #MeToo movement and life in general. At a recent public round-table book event, Devon …

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