‘Amazing Grace’ Concert Movie Stars Aretha Franklin at Her Very Best

“Amazing Grace” is a new movie starring Aretha Franklin, chronicling a 1972 concert. Since its release last month,  it has proven to be one of the more powerfully anticipated concert documentaries released to date. The film, produced by Byron Cage @ByronCage, Tirrell Whittley @TirrellWhittley, and Vaughn Franklin is historic on a couple levels. First, it was filmed in 1972, a …

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Meek Mill Receives Proclamation from Atlanta City Council

In case you missed it, Meek Mill @meekmill got his own day and given the prestigious Phoenix Award by the City Council of Atlanta on March 25th. The two awards served as proof and recognition of his political efforts and perseverance to get back in the music business despite the obstacles since his release on bail in April 2018. City …

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Scoop Jackson of ESPN Debates ‘Space Jam’ Vs. ‘Uncle Drew’ Movie.

It wasn’t long ago that professional athletes either starred in or headlined a movie. I’m referring to the 20th century transcending to the 21st century. Recently, we spoke to ESPN’s Robert “Scoop Jackson about his cameo in “Uncle Drew.” It’s a fine line between sports and Hollywood, but you can consider both to be entertainment. There’s been a handful of …

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Keisha Lance-Bottoms is New Belle of Mayor’s Masked Ball for 2018

Once again, UNCF held its 35th annual Masked Mayor’s Ball in Atlanta. The usual suspects and other influencers showed up and showed out in support of the auspicious United Negro College Fund’s efforts to promote and extoll the virtues of just how important a cause it was. Many who attended were either directly or indirectly affected by the UNCF by …

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Jeff Johnson Lives Up To His New Role As Man Of Impact And Host Of ‘Man Cave’

“Other people define my impact” In case you missed it, Jeff Johnson @JEFFSNATION is now on BET’s newest Thursday late-night talk show called “Man Cave.” This is just the latest in a long line of high-profile programs that make impacts whenever he’s involved. Which could also explain why Impact Magazine honored him this year at their 1st annual dinner celebrating …

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8th Annual Legendary Awards Gold Carpet Conversations

Grady Health System CEO John Haupert @GRADYCEO is the Health Award recipient for the 2018 Legendary Awards. The Arkansas native’s contribution to Grady’s Hospital was continuing assurance that everybody who needs care, gets the care and any health disparities don’t exist in Atlanta. – Joseph Walker, III     Retired Command Sergeant Major Jesse L. Andrews, Jr is humble about …

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