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New Birth Baptist Church Minister Dr. Jamal Bryant Discusses Life after First Anniversary, Tupac Shakur, Ministry Transition and His African Royalty Connection

Dr. Jamal Bryant has been New Birth Baptist Church for a year now and things have changed for the positive after the tumultuous background and scandal during the Eddie Long tenure. It wasn’t an easy road but Dr. Bryant brought a new life and direction to the already existing foundation that has paid off tremendously for the community. Often, Dr. …

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New Birth Church Helps Release Non-Violent Felons In Time For Easter

In the world of Christianity, this time of the year honors the ritual of Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Redemption Sunday. Dr. Jamal Bryant, senior pastor of the Atlanta based New Birth Missionary Baptist Church went to extraordinary lengths to put his congregation and tenants to the test of humanity. They initiated a bailout program that proves Christianity does make …

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Shawty Lo Was Loved; Family, Friends & Fans Share Their Experience With Him

  Family, friends, fans as well as the hip-hop community, gathered to say farewell to the late Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo at the Jackson Memorial Baptist Church where Bishop Dreyfus C. Smith, senior Pastor of Wings of Faith Worldwide Ministries, delivered a powerful eulogy in Atlanta on Saturday (Oct. 1). The rapper, whose real name is Carlos Walker, was a founding member …

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