Comedian Doug Williams Is All Aboard Carnival Cruise Line and Comedy

High-seas comedy can be calm or it can be stormy. However, after you experience comedian Doug Williams @MRDOUGWILLIAMS, you’ll be smooth sailing after that. His unique brand of humor is something he calls the ‘Section 8 Cruise” is the jump-off for everybody within earshot. The Montgomery, Alabama native has been killing audiences since 1990, but has only been doing the …

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Chris Tucker and John Hope Bryant Lighten Up the ‘Hope Global Forum’

“The opposite of positive relationship capital is if you hang around nine broke people, you’ll be the tenth. If you hang around nine engineers, you’ll be the tenth.” Comedian and entrepreneur Chris Tucker has a handle on finances. John Hope Bryant @JOHNHOPEBRYANT can hold his own comedically. It’s an odd juxtaposition considering they are good friends, so maybe it’s through …

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Comedian JB Smoove Talks Comedy, Lavar Ball and His Greatness Drive

“Comedy is healing. We’re the next wave after the real news.” We caught up to one of the busiest men in comedy JB Smoove @OHSNAPJBSMOOVE where he shared his thoughts on some things on his mind. Although you’ve seen him on the big and small screen and you always crack up at his ability to make us laugh, what we …

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Black Panther Screening Brings Out Atlanta Best and Best of Atlanta

First, let me clarify. The movie Black Panther @BLACKPANTHER is not about the revolutionary group that help bring about and instill African-American pride and worth. It is however, a revolutionary film that will instill a sense of pride in the African-American community because now We have heroes of substance that look like us. However, this story is not about the …

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Comedian Pierre updates on all things Pierre

If you’ve been doing comedy for 30-plus years, you have a lot to say. Pierre is one of those comedians who can show longevity and the work qualifies him as royalty. He’s worked with most of the top names from Martin Lawrence to Kevin Hart, to Halle Berry, Robert Townsend and D.L. Hughley. Being a Renaissance Man just sweetens the …

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