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Lynky Intelligent Hub Lets You Take Command of Your Home at CES 2018

It’s here, now. The command center for your home is now known as Lynky @LINKYHUB and it is designed to make your life simpler by controlling your surroundings in one spot. Gone are the days before smart technology where you had to manually turn on and off your lights, lock and unlock your door and anything else you needed to …

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Ausweis Makes Locks a Thing of The Past at CES 2018

  Some of the popular devices, inventions and breakthroughs in smart technology at CES 2018 has been about security. It’s no coincidence or mistake because the world is less secure. Therefore, devices and apps have popped up in all forms to alleviate if not eliminate our need for security. So, let me introduce you to Ausweis @AUSWEIS.IO, a smart controller …

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Ion Alkaline Water Machine is Smart Technology to Improve Your Health at CES 2018

How’s your Health? Drinking enough water? Better still, are you drinking the Right water? Now smart technology has caught up with the health industry with the introduction of the  Ion Alkaline Water Machine @IONALKALINEWATER. “Change Your Water… Change Your World.” If you’ve missed it, there is a new awareness and tendency to live healthy, which means getting back to the …

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