9 CES 2021 Tech Products That Will Enrich Our ‘New Normal’ Lives

The Lab Presents CES 2021 Round Up

9 CES 2021 Tech Products That Will Enrich Our ‘New Normal’ Lives Joseph Walker, III Here we are – the “New Normal.” The 21st century has changed everything about the way we work, live and play. You can’t fight it, but you can find your own comfort zone if you look for it. That’s why this year’s Consumer Electronics Show …

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CES 2019: j5create Premiers New Technology For 21st Century Connectivity

Mobility is key these days for everybody and our technology is leading our way. It’s hard not to be connected through our devices when it becomes as integral as breathing. j5create is a company based in Kennesaw, GA and they have introduced three new devices that are sure to not only keep our lives mobile, but will become necessary to …

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CES 2019: Table4One Networking App Assures You Never Eat Alone Again

Here you are in a new city, alone and it’s time to eat dinner. If you’re a woman, this is a hesitant scenario. If you’re a man, you don’t necessarily want to be that guy. That’s why a new networking app Table4One is a lifesaver for professionals who don’t want to waste business time, even while eating. The concept behind …

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CES 2019: VOLO Go Cordless Blow Dryer Coolest Device to Benefit Environment

The beauty industry rarely gets the attention when it comes to improving the environment. This may change with the new Go Hair Dryer from VOLO Beauty. It’s is absolutely the world’s first cordless tool that is designed to enhance your lifestyle while being beneficial by saving you money on electric bills. But first, what is this hair dryer? Besides being …

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Case X Case Is Cellphone Solution For Your Action Activities at CES 2018

Sometimes the simplest solutions come out of nowhere, but are designed to change lives through its innovation and implementation. That’s why Case By Case (CaseXCase) @PHONECASEXCASE became a CES 2018 innovation award winner without a single electronic built in because it’s all in the mechanics. For this company, it’s all about that case. “Attaching accessories is intuitive and effortless.” Founder …

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Rockstone Audio New Speakers Designed for Mobility at CES 2018

Rockstone Audio @ROCKSTONE_AUDIO has come up with some nifty yet functional ways to listen to your music on the go while giving you complete access to your phone. The designs come in the form of head gear (beanies and sweatbands), a 360-degree car mount and true wireless Bluetooth speakers. The Rockstone Audio ORBIT True Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speakers are a …

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Lynky Intelligent Hub Lets You Take Command of Your Home at CES 2018

It’s here, now. The command center for your home is now known as Lynky @LINKYHUB and it is designed to make your life simpler by controlling your surroundings in one spot. Gone are the days before smart technology where you had to manually turn on and off your lights, lock and unlock your door and anything else you needed to …

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