CES 2019: Table4One Networking App Assures You Never Eat Alone Again

Here you are in a new city, alone and it’s time to eat dinner. If you’re a woman, this is a hesitant scenario. If you’re a man, you don’t necessarily want to be that guy. That’s why a new networking app Table4One is a lifesaver for professionals who don’t want to waste business time, even while eating. The concept behind …

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CES 2018 Debuts Sky Valet Luggage As World’s First Smart Luggage That Travels With You

Traveling is an opportunity of luxury or necessity, so there is a common denominator in both categories: luggage. Therefore, in this ever-advancing technical world we’re living in, it’s only timely that Sky Valet Luggage enters the equation with the world’s first airline & TSA compliant smart luggage with a removable battery, Shark Wheel® technology, magnetic opening, and a dedicated mobile …

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