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Harriet: Be Free or Die Is History We Need To Know

The actual movie experience has been lackluster these days, what with competing sources such as streaming (Netflix, Hulu) and on demand. And does anyone still do DVD’s? These alternatives always seem to show the same type of content from comic book-based genre to horror to blockbuster action flicks. So, when a movie like “Harriet: Be Free or Die” comes out, …

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David A. Thomas Reacts to Recent Million-Dollar Morehouse Gift From Robert Smith

Morehouse President Dr. David A. Thomas recently was spotted at the Hope Global Forum and was asked about the recent event that highlighted the 2019 graduation over at the institution. For those who haven’t heard by now, private equity investor and billionaire Robert F. Smith gave the commencement speech at Morehouse College., The highlight of that speech was he announced …

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Where Family, Corporations and Police Meet, @Promise Field Day Exists

Saturday May 18 was the second annual @Promise Field Day at Kennedy Park in Atlanta, GA. It was the type of field day that’s been long lost. There were team games, food, treats and competition, all making it a successful family-oriented event, and sponsored by the city of Atlanta. However, the greatest attendees were the kids and their families, making …

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Scoop Jackson of ESPN Debates ‘Space Jam’ Vs. ‘Uncle Drew’ Movie.

It wasn’t long ago that professional athletes either starred in or headlined a movie. I’m referring to the 20th century transcending to the 21st century. Recently, we spoke to ESPN’s Robert “Scoop Jackson about his cameo in “Uncle Drew.” It’s a fine line between sports and Hollywood, but you can consider both to be entertainment. There’s been a handful of …

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