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Take Time to Explore and Embrace the Pura Soul Cigar Experience

Cigars: if you don’t smoke one, you either know someone who does or seen it somewhere in your travels. It’s a universal symbol of status and power, or a non-smoker’s enemy. More than a rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves, and made to be smoked, the origins of cigar smoking are still unknown. They are produced in a …

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Miss Mulatto opens Pittstop and makes it happen with new fashion boutique

  Miss Mulatto. The name brings to mind the image of the 21st century mover-and-shaker in the music rap game, and you can always look forward to her being involved in various ventures outside of the business. Today was a perfect example of how Miss Mulatto is transcending her talents and interests in other arenas, particularly fashion, with the opening …

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Network Of Starrs Are “Making It Happen” With The Police & The Campers Of PAL

The Network of Starrs Foundation Incorporated 501(c)3 has teamed up with the City of Atlanta Police Athletic League (PAL) 501(c)3 and we are teaching entrepreneurship & networking. Entrepreneurs came to speak to the PAL summer camp about their respective fields. They then broke off into individual sessions where kids got a hands on experience of that career. Culinary chef Tiffany Jones of No …

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Bone Crusher Switches It Up All In The Name Of Love With Project 143

Rap artist Bone Crusher and his wife Storytellah release a new album “Project 143” all in the name of love.  The two have been working on this project for months and felt it was time to bring back love. Bone Crusher says “The crunk movement is who I am but I have matured into the next phase of my life and this …

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