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24/7 Volt Cell Phone Case Is First Defense For Safety at CES 2018

Like many others, your smart phone is an extension of your life, so now it can also protect your life when needed. Introducing 24/7 Volt Case @247VOLT, the first cell phone self-defense tool that takes advantage of your smartphone’s range of functionality. Quite simply, think stun gun at your fingertips. But wait, there’s more. 247USA, the parent company that brings …

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BodyGuardz says no more broken screens at CES 2017

At some point in time you’ve dropped your cell phone and the result was a cracked or broken screen. Now, those days are coming to an end because BodyGuardz has come up with a solution for your iPhone, Android or LG phone. In 2002, a company called BGZ brands came up with a solution that has steadily become the fastest …

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Beastgrip is essential gear for serious Phoneographers at CES 2017

If you own a smartphone, you’re a Phoneographer. If you want to elevate the game into the professional arena, Beastgrip is the company you need to check out. They’ve been supplying mobile photography/videography gear since 2012, and are out with new items showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017. Beastgrip company representative Sean Lawrence was on hand to present …

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