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Take Time to Explore and Embrace the Pura Soul Cigar Experience

Cigars: if you don’t smoke one, you either know someone who does or seen it somewhere in your travels. It’s a universal symbol of status and power, or a non-smoker’s enemy. More than a rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves, and made to be smoked, the origins of cigar smoking are still unknown. They are produced in a …

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‘Word to the Art’ Fuels Inspiration Through Art Inspired by Words

If words are visual and embracing, Tamiko Hope is the perfect advocate. Her latest venture, “Word to the Art,” is a pursuit that brings the art world into the literary, but that’s not unusual or unique. What is unique is her passion, commitment, foresight and collaboration with local artists to make the journey accessible. This particular Tamiko Hope production at …

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