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CES 2019: Protect Your Ears in Style with Loop, 21st Century Earplugs

Sound. It comes in many forms and fashion. It’s one of the unique senses we can take for granted but it’s no too late to pamper your ears and save your hearing with 21st century technology. Loop earplugs is that technology that can be used for nightlife, music, conversation and noise. They’re trendy, comfortable and will give you the best …

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Juvenile brings in 2017 performing in Atlanta

It was a night of old skool Hip-Hop at Phillips Arena in Atlanta when the festivities jumped off. One of the gem performances that night was New Orleans-bred rapper Juvenile. A rare live performance by the man who helped shape the sound of southern Hip-Hop, also known as the “Dirty South,” the crowd showed so much love to this 25-years …

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Praise in the Park 2011

Praise in the Park has been a phenomenal showcase experience of local acts in the Atlanta area. This year’s event took place August 6 in Centennial Olympic Park. In addition to the dynamic performances and spirit-filled atmosphere, a very special feature was added to this year’s Praise In The Park. Check out the pictures to see what you missed.

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