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Shaq Selling Suits Significantly Sends Serious Signals

Shaquille O’Neal @Shaq wears many hats since he retired from his professional NBA career. Even though it started during that time, he has become a force in many careers including sheriff’s deputy in Georgia, sports analyzer and announcer, advertising pitchman, movie star, rapper, MMA & wrestling contender, businessman, investor, minority owner of the Sacramento Kings, and even earned an education …

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Scoop Jackson of ESPN Debates ‘Space Jam’ Vs. ‘Uncle Drew’ Movie.

It wasn’t long ago that professional athletes either starred in or headlined a movie. I’m referring to the 20th century transcending to the 21st century. Recently, we spoke to ESPN’s Robert “Scoop Jackson about his cameo in “Uncle Drew.” It’s a fine line between sports and Hollywood, but you can consider both to be entertainment. There’s been a handful of …

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Shaq and Oreo Cookies Join in Mutual Birthday Celebration in Atlanta, Shaq on Son’s B-Ball Choice

Okay, here’s something worth noting. Shaquille O’Neal and Nabisco’s Oreo Cookies both share birthdays. However, as one just turned 46-years old, the other just turned 106-uears old. And they’re both America’s best choice going today. Shaq turned up at Atlanta Station in midtown Atlanta to help launch Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars with a 1-million bar giveaway. While his association with …

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