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Hate In America Host Tony Harris Discusses Why You Should Watch Discovery ID

Emmy award winning host Tony Harris attended the “Hate In America” reception at the National Association of Black Journalist (NABJ) & National Association of Hispanic Journalist (NAHJ) convention in Washington D.C.  He spoke exclusively to Tall Boy about the show, some of the challenges he has faced and some of his most memorable stories he has covered. Harris is a B.A. …

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Minority Business Owners We Have Found Money & Resources For You

The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) National Director Alejandre Castillo takes time to speak about the services they offer to minority  business owners at Essence Music Festival. The Minority Business Development Agency is an agency in the United States Department of Commerce that promotes growth and competitiveness of the United States‘minority-owned businesses.  Their mission is to actively promote the growth and …

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